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Pantheon Financial. Value-added lenders who go the distance with you until you reach your goals.
  • Pantheon Financial LLC is a New York-based merchant bank affiliated with Pantheon Properties.
  • Our mission is to be forward-thinking and innovative in order to lend for real estate projects that many conventional banks and real estate lenders overlook, judge as too risky or cannot close quickly.
  • Pantheon Financialís finance projects range from value creation plays to yield plays to select new construction ventures to Debtor-In-Possession ("DIP") loans across all the product sectors of the market.
  • Transactions range from $5 to $200 million.

Pantheon's Wide-Ranging Interests
  • The principals of Pantheon Financial have been acquiring, developing, owning, leasing and financing commercial real estate for more than 20 years.
  • Since 1994, Ken Cohen, the founder of Pantheon Properties and co-founder of Pantheon Financial has invested in numerous real estate and mortgage transactions including senior, mezzanine and bridge loans, note acquisitions, DIP loans, recapitalizations of partnerships and the redevelopment of existing properties.
  • Pantheon Financialís investments cover all property types as well as the mortgage loans related to such properties.

How Does Pantheon Set Itself Apart From Other Financing Companies?
  • Because of our depth of knowledge about how the real estate market works–from brokerage to development to finance to operations–we know the value of what a well-positioned local partner can bring to a transaction.
  • We know what steps it takes to make a project successful.
  • We're flexible on financing. Pantheon can present a transaction structure that meets your needs.

Pantheon's Rates
  • Our rates are highly competitive with the marketplace, but also flexible depending on the time frame of each deal.

Pantheon Financial offers closing periods as short as two weeks
on all of its transactions.

Ultimately, Pantheon Financial is the lending company for you.
  • We focus on our borrowers' needs. Their concerns are essential to every transaction we enter.
  • We understand the complex nature of real estate transactions.
  • We know that navigating the intricacies of a deal can be overwhelming. Our years of hands-on experience give us the know-how to make the process smoother.
  • We build relationships with our partners. We gain their trust.
  • We know well that real estate deals present many challenges. We're here, ready to push through them with you.

Pantheon Financial.
We've set ourselves apart from other traditional lenders.

For further information, please contact:

Ken Cohen
Pantheon Financial
119 West 57th Street
Penthouse South
New York, NY 10019
TEL: 212 277 7500
FAX: 212 265 8158

  • Property Financing
    • Debtor-In-Possession
    • Bridge loans
    • Mezzanine equity
    • Construction debt
    • Participating debt structures
  • Direct Equity & Joint-Venture Investments
  • Asset Management